Your solution for all kinds of special cargo.

With Specialized Pharma, Czech Airlines Cargo offers safe and reliable shipping of your temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals. This customizable service is ideal for shipping vaccines, biotechnology products, raw materials, bulk drugs and laboratory reagents.
Our services are tailored to meet the specific temperature requirements of your shipment. The quality service you'll receive from Specialized Pharma includes exceptional handling and constant monitoring of your shipment. Additionally, we offer priority boarding and quick connection times to minimize exposure to outside temperatures.

Specialized Pharma 1 (FRO)

Specialized Pharma 1 is your solution for products which are transported in frozen state requiring temperature between -2°C and -18°C. This is a solution for frozen samples or reagents requiring extreme low temperature. Specialized Pharma 1 shipments are stored in the freezer facilities when not in flight.

Specialized Pharma 2 (COL)

Specialized Pharma 2 is your solution for products requiring a temperature-controlled environment between +2°C and +8°C. This is a solution for medicines in tablet or aerosol form, raw materials for drug manufacturing and biotechnology products. Designed for shipments packaged in insulated boxes with dry ice, Specialized Pharma 2 shipments are stored in our advanced cooler facilities throughout the world when not in flight.

Specialized Pharma 3 (PIL)

Specialized Pharma 3 protects products that are sensitive to extreme temperatures but may not require the strict temperature control of our other Pharma product. When not in flight, products are kept away from extremes at temperatures between +15°C and +25°C. This is a solution designed for some generic prescription drugs, some biotechnology products and other pharmaceutical shipments requiring general temperature protection.

Specialized Fresh is committed to delivering your perishable items on time and with the specialized care only Czech Airlines Cargo can offer. Our reliable, temperature-controlled service is ideal for shipping perishable commodities with a short life span or products that rapidly deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures or adverse conditions.
Whether you're shipping flowers, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables or foodstuff, you'll have access to a variety of shipping options that are uniquely tailored to your needs.
Choose from three specialized shipping options designed to ensure your perishable goods are properly cared for throughout the entire journey.

Specialized Fresh 1 (FRO)

Specialized Fresh 1 is your solution for products which are transported in frozen state requiring temperature between -2°C and -18°C. This is a solution for frozen fish or food samples requiring low temperature. Specialized Fresh 1 shipments are stored in the freezer facilities when not in flight.

Specialized Fresh 2 (COL)

Czech Airlines Cargo's solution for shipping temperature-sensitive perishables that require a strictly regulated environment between +2°C and +8°C. This solution is ideal for perishables such as flowers, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.

Specialized Fresh 3 (PER)

Czech Airlines Cargo's solution for shipping perishables requiring protection from extreme temperatures. When not in flight, Specialized Fresh 3 products are stored at temperatures ranging from +15°C to +25°C. This solution is ideal for less sensitive perishables, like fruits and vegetables requiring general temperature protection.

Specialized safe is your solution for transport of sensitive and valuable cargo by air. Our two specialized products offer the level of security necessary for your vulnerable cargo.

Safe 1 (VAL)

Safe 1 guarantees secure and quick transportation of those valuable goods that need first-rate security measures, such as gold and other precious metals, diamonds, bank notes and jewellery. Our fully qualified security personnel uphold tight security measures and ensure top-priority handling of your shipment. Your valuables are monitored throughout shipment and transit and stored in secured areas.
Safe 1 offers:

  • Vault storage;
  • Dedicated and specifically trained security personnel
  • Guarded ramp transport and loading/unloading of aircraft;
  • Fully secured vehicles;
  • Integrity in handling and communication;
  • < >Proactive monitoring
  • Priority boarding

Safe 2 (VUN)

Safe 2 provides basic security measures to our general cargo product. It is specifically tailored to valuables as microchips, mobile phones, high-value pharmaceuticals, haute couture and cameras.
Safe 2 offers:

  • Storage in secure area with video surveillance
  • Special handling outside the general Cargo process
  • Priority boarding

Dedicated and specifically trained personnel

Transporting live animals is not the same as shipping regular cargo. That's why we created Specialized Live for shipping pets like cats and dogs, as well as ornamental fish, horses, day-old chickens, zoo animals, hatching eggs and insects.

Our well-trained staff members take care of all the animals, ensuring optimal safety, comfort and hygiene. They are transported in climate-controlled, pressurized cabins. And they're kept comfortable on the ground too.

Whenever you need to ship dangerous goods, you're in safe hands with Specialized DGR. From explosives, gasses, flammables, corrosives, oxidizers and peroxides to toxic or infectious substances and radioactive materials. And if you have cars, engines, lifesaving appliances or magnets to ship, we'll carry those too. Just ask for Specialized DGR.