• e-freight is about building a paper free air cargo supply chain
  • It includes a set of business processes and standards that allow to remove paper documents from the process of shipping air cargo from origin to destination
  • Documents are replaced with the exchange of electronic data
  • The e-freight initiative identifies the locations where those electronic standards can be used
  • The e-freight initiative drives adoption of those standards by industry participants via targeted change management initiatives
  • e-Doc standards used as part of e-freight rely on use of EDI (Cargo-IMP or XML) or scanned images (for some documents)
  • e-freight uses the existing air cargo industry messaging infrastructure. Participants must use in-house technology to connect to their partners or use tools provided by their partners or 3rd party providers

How does it work?

Origin Freight Forwarders

  • Be able to forward FWB and FHL to airline (incl. SPH: EAW/EAP)
  • Cross-check with destination forwarder if capable of receiving E-Freight shipments
  • Export Customs procedures remain "as is"

Airline Customer Service

  • e-Booking: Origin freight forwarder will insert SPH EAW/EAP (CPS/GFX)
  • Telephone: Origin freight forwarder will inform Customer Service which SPH (EAW/EAP) to insert
  • Fax: Origin freight forwarder should mention the applicable SPH (EAW/EAP) for CSO to insert in the booking

Export Acceptance

  • Cross-check FWB with actual shipment details
  • EAW shipment holds no shipment documents, no docs on board flight/truck
  • EAP shipment only holds a document pouch that will go on board the flight/truck
  • Export Customs procedures remain "as is"


  • Check incoming FFM/FWB's on SPH EAW/EAP
  • EAW shipments contains no documents
  • EAP shipments only contain a pouch, which will be handed over to import agent
  • Notify Destination freight forwarder about arrival/import location of the shipment by the use of FSU/RCF and FSU/NFD
  • Release of the shipment without shipment documents (EAW) or partial documents (EAP)

Czech Airlines e-freight requirements