Occationally, mistakes happen. Be it man who packs products in the factory, van driver or master carpenter. Accidents happens and sometimes, they just can't be avoided. The most important thing is to know, what to do to minimize the losses. If something like that happens with your shipment, there are people from Czech Airlines Cargo Claims department to help you solve the problem.

There are two kinds of claims: Operational and Financial claims. We reffer to claims as operational, when some mistake happens. When the shipment is sent to wrong destination, be it due to mishandling or wrong airport code on AWB, you are to Contact us to get the shipment back to Prague, make corrections and ship it to the right destination. Consignee and Shippers adress change is also reffered to as operational claim, as well as tracing of lost parcel or cargo documents.

Financial claims is there to take care of consequences. If the shipment arrived damaged or didin't arrive at all, we start a claim process along with investigation. If you find out that there is something wrong with your shipment, it is the best course of action to raise a preliminary claim (aka pre-claim) as soon as possible. This procedure will also provide you with more time, up to two years, to raise formal claim.

To raise a formal claim, the claimant has to provide several documents:

  • Letter of Claim, where the claimant declares what happened with his shipment and evaluates the financial loss.
  • Commercial invoice or Declaration of Value
  • Proof of damage/loss: CDR - Cargo Damage Report and CLR - Cargo Lost Report)
  • Air Waybill (AWB).

Based on these documents, the claims officers begin with investigation to find out what exactly happened with the shipment. Where and how the damage or loss occured and when they collect all the information, they provide a statement. Claims procedure has to comply with Warsaw Convention (1929) as ammended by Montreal Protocol (1975). The most important part of these documents can be found on the back side of AWB. We belive, despite our Claims specialists are experienced and obliging, their service will not be required too often.

Jindrich Zeman
Cargo Claims Specialist
Czech Airlines Cargo
Evropská 846/176a, 160 08 Prague 6, Czech Republic