PRG Cargo Terminal

Czech Airlines Cargo is in their hub handled by Skyport jsc. Skyport has rapidly grown into one of Europe's most modern and technologically advanced handling company. Today, they handle with the highest standards over 40 airlines, successfully meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations in all directions.

Skyports success is directly related to quality of our ground personnel, who plays a crucial role in cargo ground handling. We dedicate special attention to their training and preparation, because we know how important it is for you to place confidence in someone you can rely on.

Cargo Facilities

• One of the most modern cargo terminals in Europe
• Automatic RFS center within the terminal
• Ramp for two 747 or 777 directly in front of Skyport cargo terminal
• Offices of important forwarding agents and airlines
• X-ray system Rapiscan + ETD (electronic trace detector)
• Elevator Transport Vehicle and Automatic storage system of ULD for up to 100 containers
• 3 work station for 10" ULD, 1 for 20"
• Moving Transport Dock
• Roller track for containers
• 11 truck loading platforms
• Mobile dock levelers
• Special storage facilities

Special Storage

• Cooler (temperatures from 2 °C to 8 °C / 35 °F to 46 °F)
• Freezer (temperatures from - 8 °C to - 25 °C / 17 °F to - 13 °F)
• 4 cooler+ 2 freezer pallet positions in ETV storage
• Live animals storage space
• Radioactive material storage space
• Dangerous goods storage space
• Human remains storage space
• Safe room storage for VUN and VAL shipments
• Vulnerable cargo such as cameras, lap tops, mobile phones, all under strict security surveillance
• Quick delivery, preferential dispatch of express shipments
• Perishable cargo handling


• Permanent guarding by security agency
• Monitoring with a closed-circuit television with HD camera system
• Electronic alarm system
• Automated fire-alarm system
• Valuable shipments locked in a guarded strong room
• All shipments are stored under a roof