Ukraine International Airlines Cargo

Czech airlines is a proud GSA of Ukraine International Airlines for the Czech republic from 01.02.2015.

Current schedule: 31MAR2015 - 24OCT2015

Flight numberfromtilldaysaircraft typefromtodeparturearrival
PS 8087.8.201523.10.2015____5__735PRGKBP11:0514:25
PS 8083.8.201524.10.2015123__6_735PRGKBP11:1514:30
PS 8086.8.201522.10.2015___4__7735PRGKBP14:2017:35

A/C: Boeing B737-500
Shipment aceptation: minimum 4 hours before departure
Max. weight: 1pc/ 200 kg
Max. dimensions: 170 x 110 x 85 cm (L x W x H)

Flight numberfromtilldaysaircraft typefromtodeparturearrival
PS 4994.9.201523.10.2015_2345__737-SFPRGKBP6:4510:05

A/C: Boeing B737-300SF
Shipment aceptation: the day before departure
Max. weight m2 : 500 kg
Max. dimensions: 300 x 240 x 205 cm (L x W x H)

* possibility of flight connections from Kiev to Antalya, Bankog, Beijing, New York, Tel Aviv by B767 ( max. dimensions 310*240*160 cm ). Subject to aircraft change.

More information on or kindly contact our representatives :

Kamila Polášková: +420 220 113 358 / 724 703 140

Patrik Štolfa: 775 575 576