Frequently asked questions


Which documents are necessary for a shipment to be dispatched?

To dispatch a shipment you will need the "Unified Customs Declaration" form stamped by the Customs office, or other documents depending on the character of the shipment and its destination. The Skyport will issue the air waybill (AWB) for you upon filling in a simple form available from the Customer Centre - Tariffs department. A cargo forwarding agent authorized by you may also issue the air waybill for you. You will also need three copies of the commercial invoice, in English, or three pro-forma invoices for goods of a non-commercial character (e.g., samples, etc.) Export shipments (except for shipments to EU countries) must be submitted for transport after they have been cleared through customs at the relevant local customs office according to the headquarters of your firm or your residence.. If you intend to export shipments of a special character (live animals, chemicals, weapons, etc.), additional documents are usually required, depending on the type of goods and the destination. In such cases, please consult us in advance, and book space on the requested flight.
The shipper is responsible for the completeness and correctness of documents accompanying shipments.

Where, and how, can you reserve space for your shipment?

The best way to book space for a Czech Airlines flight is to make a phone call here.

Can cargo shipments be reinsured?

Czech Airlines Cargo offers its customers shipment reinsurance by air waybill. Our partner is Allianz insurance company and the premium is about 3 per mille of the shipment value. If you are interested in the reinsurance of your shipment, please contact Czech Airlines Cargo claims staff before the transport begins and the air waybill is issued.

What is the latest time for submitting a shipment for a certain flight?

Shipments may be submitted for export 210 minutes before regular departure at the latest (for flights operated by A310's up to 300 minutes before). For long-distance flights (USA, Canada, Dubai, Bangkok) we advise customers to submit their goods a day before departure. For express shipments, there is the possibility of reduced handling time for your shipments, offered, for example, by our Equation product.

Who will issue the "Unified Customs Declaration"?

Any cargo forwarding agency will issue the Unified Customs Declaration for you, for a charge.

What are the restrictions for the transport of shipments on Czech Airlines flights?

The answer may be found in the following table:

Aircraft typeLength in cmWidth in cmHeight in cmMax. weight of a single
item of shipment
Airbus 320/319200150110250
Airbus 320/321 ULD version1451451101000
Boeing 73717011085250
ATR 4217070140150

For the possibility of loading items where an individual item exceeds the lengths in the above table, please consult us at phone no.: 220 113 410.

Who packs the export shipments?

Only properly packed shipments are accepted for export. The method of packing, especially for non-standard goods, may be consulted by phone with the staff of Skyport - Export.

Shipments must be properly packed, taking into full consideration the character of the transported goods so as to prevent their damage, or damage to the aircraft throughout the transport.

How will I know that the shipment has already been dispatched from Prague?

You can check whether your shipment has been dispatched from Prague at SITA Cargo www interface. You may also check whether your shipment has been dispatched from Prague with the staff of Skyport - Export. To answer your questions, we need to know the number of the air waybill.


How will you know that your shipment has reached Prague ?

You may check whether your shipment has arrived in Prague using SITA Cargo www interface. You may also check whether your shipment has arrived in Prague with the staff of Skyport - Import. To answer your questions we need to know the number of the air waybill.

What do you need in order to collect your shipment?

For Czech Airlines:

You will be notified regarding your shipment immediately upon its arrival in Prague with a fax, e-mail or registered letter ("advice") on which all documents you will need to collect your shipment will be stated. The following will always be necessary: identity card, copy of the air waybill (it is a part of the "advice"), legal entities will also need their Trade Licence, and a statement from the Business Register, and possibly other documents, according to the character of the shipment. If the consignee stated in the Air Waybill cannot collect the shipment personally, he/she can authorise, in writing - power of attorney, for a representative to collect the shipment. Representatives of legal entities must have the power of attorney signed by the person stated in the Companies\' Register. Kindly keep cash in hand to pay for the handling charges, or the transport charge, if it was not paid by the shipper.

For the Customs Office:
The shipment will be given to you upon its release by the Customs Office, which is to be arranged for by the customer or by the authorized forwarding agency. The Customs office requires an identity card, statement from the Business Register, Company Identification Number (IČ) or Trade Licence, Tax Identification Number (DIČ), invoice for the goods (or a document regarding the origin of the goods), and a filled in Unified Customs Declaration or Transit Customs Statement.


Does the transport charge have to be paid in advance?

Usually yes, however, shipments may also be sent unpaid, i.e., debited to the consignee. However, some countries and types of goods (e.g., perishable goods, live animals) are excluded from this. For more detailed information contact the staff of Skyport - Tariffs.

Where are the Cargo Terminal and Customs Office located?

The Air Cargo Terminal terminal is located at Prague - Ruzyne Airport.
The Customs Office is located in the "Airport Business Centre" administrative building, opposite the Arrivals Hall of Prague-Ruzyne Airport, about 500 m from the Air Cargo Terminal building.

What are the handling charges?

The Skyport providing handling for Czech Airlines Cargo sets the charges. A list of terminal charges is available at the Customer Centre.

What are the working hours of Czech Airlines Cargo?

Shipments are delivered to our customers and accepted for transport through the Skyport at the following times.

How can you find the best connection for your shipment?

We will find the most suitable routing for your shipment to any customs airport around the world. We will even transport your shipment to points where Czech Airlines itself does not fly.

How is the safety of the shipments ensured?

Skyport terminals are guarded by a security agency and monitored by a closed-circuit TV system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To speed up handling, and to reduce the possibility of mistakes, bar codes are placed on all export shipments on Czech Airlines flights.

Practical advice

  • Export shipments may be submitted for transport by a forwarding agency. The forwarding agent will provide complete handling services for your shipments, i.e., they will issue the necessary documents, book space and arrange for customs clearance if your shipment is to be sent outside the EU. The collection of shipments may also be done by a forwarding agency, even a single shipment may be collected. Contacts for the contracting forwarding agencies of Czech Airlines may be found here.
  • If you wish to transport live animals, chemicals, radioactive materials, weapons, ammunition, etc., please consult the transport of such shipments with Skyport Customer Centre - Tariffs.
  • Individual items of a shipment must be marked with the name and address of the shipper and consignee. Please, insert copies of documents accompanying the shipment into package no.1 of the shipment.
  • The Skyport, or your forwarding agency, will prepare the air waybill and stickers for your shipment.
  • The transport charge is determined according to the weight of the shipment. If the volume of 1 kg of the shipment takes more than 6 dm3, then it is what is called a "voluminous shipment". In such cases the voluminous weight, calculated by multiplying the size of the shipment in cm and dividing the result by 6 000, is the basis for the calculation of the transport charge. This result is used for the tariffing of the air waybill.